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    (vc-fetch-master-properties): RCS case: get locking mode. · e66eac08
    André Spiegel authored
    CVS case: new state `locally-added'.
    (vc-locking-user): Under RCS with non-strict locking, don't trust
    the file permissions.  CVS case: change which states count as
    (vc-consult-rcs-headers): Streamlined. Don't set vc-locking-user if
    this is called under CVS.  Under RCS, use a heuristic to find the
    value of vc-checkout-model without examining the master file.
    (vc-parse-locks): Set vc-checkout-model.
    (vc-status): Comment change.
    (vc-after-save-hook, vc-after-save): The former renamed to the
    latter. Now unconditionally called by `basic-save-buffer', determines
    whether the buffer should be "locked" or not.
    (vc-mode-line): No longer use dynamic after-save-hook. Changed
    references to `automatic' into `implicit'.
    (vc-checkout-model): Values are now `manual' and `implicit'.  Derive
    the property on a per-file basis, supporting all possible modes.
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