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    Fix doprnt so it could be used safely in `verror'. (Bug#8435) · e6c3da20
    Eli Zaretskii authored
     src/doprnt.c: Include limits.h.
     (SIZE_MAX): New macro.
     (doprnt): Return a size_t value.  2nd arg is now size_t.  Many
     local variables are now size_t instead of int or unsigned.
     Improve overflow protection.  Support `l' modifier for integer
     conversions.  Support %l conversion.  Don't assume an EMACS_INT
     argument for integer conversions and for %c.
     src/lisp.h (doprnt): Restore prototype.
     src/makefile.w32-in ($(BLD)/callint.$(O)): Depend on
     src/Makefile.in (base_obj): Add back doprnt.o.
     src/deps.mk (doprnt.o): Add back prerequisites.
     (callint.o): Depend on character.h.
     src/eval.c (internal_lisp_condition_case): Include the handler
     representation in the error message.
     (verror): Call doprnt instead of vsnprintf.  Fix an off-by-one bug
     when breaking from the loop.
     src/xdisp.c (vmessage): Call doprnt instead of vsnprintf.
     src/callint.c (Fcall_interactively): When displaying error message
     about invalid control letter, pass the character's codepoint, not
     a pointer to its multibyte form.  Improve display of the character
     in octal and display also its hex code.
     src/character.c (char_string): Use %x to display the (unsigned)
     codepoint of an invalid character, to avoid displaying a bogus
     negative value.
     src/font.c (check_otf_features): Pass SDATA of SYMBOL_NAME to
     `error', not SYMBOL_NAME itself.
     src/coding.c (Fencode_sjis_char, Fencode_big5_char): Use %c for
     character arguments to `error'.
     src/charset.c (check_iso_charset_parameter): Fix incorrect argument
     to `error' in error message about FINAL_CHAR argument.  Make sure
     FINAL_CHAR is a character, and use %c when it is passed as
     argument to `error'.
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