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    Document Message mode as the default mail mode. · e73c2434
    Chong Yidong authored
    * sending.texi (Sending Mail): Document the fact that Message mode is
    now the default mail mode.
    (Mail Format, Mail Headers): Document mail-from-style changes.
    (Mail Commands): Rename from Mail mode.  Document Message mode.
    (Mail Misc): Rename from Mail mode Misc.
    (Mail Sending, Header Editing, Mail Misc): Switch to Message mode
    command names and update keybindings.
    (Header Editing): Document message-tab.  De-document
    mail-self-blind, mail-default-reply-to, and mail-archive-file-name in
    favor of mail-default-headers.  Ad index entries for user-full-name and
    (Citing Mail): Update changes in Message mode behavior.  Document
    (Mail Signature): New node, moved from Mail Misc.
    (Mail Aliases): Mail abbrevs are the default with Message mode.
    (Mail Methods): Note that Message mode is now the default.
    * rmail.texi (Rmail Reply):
    * text.texi (Text Mode):
    * major.texi (Major Modes):
    * mule.texi (Output Coding): Refer to Message mode.
    * custom.texi (Init Examples): Add xref to Mail Header.
    * emacs.texi (Top):  Fix xrefs.
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