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    Generate admin/charsets Makefile via configure, and make more portable. · e7bc85db
    Glenn Morris authored
    * configure.ac (SUBDIR_MAKEFILES): Add admin/charsets/Makefile.
    (admin/charsets/Makefile): Generate it.
    * admin/charsets/Makefile.in: Rename from Makefile.
    (AWK, srcdir, top_srcdir, AM_DEFAULT_VERBOSITY):
    New variables, set by configure.
    (charsetdir, lispintdir, mapfiledir, AM_V_GEN, am__v_GEN_)
    (am__v_GEN_0, am__v_GEN_1, AM_V_at, am__v_at_, am__v_at_0)
    (am__v_at_1, LOCAL, mapconv, run_mapconv, big5, compact, cp51932)
    (cp932, eucjp_ms, gb180302, gb180304, kuten): New variables.
    (TRANS_TABLE, CHARSETS): Add directory prefix to value.
    (all): Declare PHONY.
    (local): New PHONY target.
    (map_template): New template.  Use to define short PHONY aliases.
    (*.map): Add directory prefixes to targets and prerequisites.
    Respect make verbosity.
    (JISC6226.map): Replace non-portable sed append without newline.
    (install): Remove rule.
    (clean): Only delete temporary sedscript.
    (bootstrap-clean, distclean, maintainer-clean, extraclean)
    (totalclean): New PHONY rules.
    * admin/charsets/mapconv (BASE): Replace basename with expr.
    (FILE): Add "mapfiles" subdirectory.
    (AWK): New variable.  Use throughout in place of "awk".
    (main): Use "gunzip -c" in place of "zcat".
    Don't leave whitespace before "p", for older sed.
    * admin/charsets/mapfiles/PTCP154: Add final newline,
    to make older sed versions happy.
    ; * .gitignore: Ignore admin/charsets/Makefile.
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