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    Release MH-E version 8.6. · e80e3bdb
    Bill Wohler authored
    * NEWS, MH-E-NEWS: Update for MH-E release 8.6.
    * mh-e.el (Version, mh-version): Update for release 8.6.
    * mh-comp.el (mh-insert-x-face): Ensure that mh-x-face-file is a
    string before trying to use it (closes SF #474).
    (mh-bare-components): New function to create a temporary initial
    components file; replaces mh-find-components. Improve the temp folder
    and file names as per a suggestion from Bill Wohler. Also address
    XEmacs compatibility issues: use mm-make-temp-file instead of
    make-temp-file, and only pass one argument to delete-directory.
    (mh-edit-again, mh-send-sub): Use mh-bare-components instead of
    mh-find-components (partially closes SF #468).