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    Fix version numbers for some GnuTLS features · e8ca0c5e
    Paul Eggert authored
    Problem reported by Glenn Morris (Bug#27708#58).
    * src/gnutls.c (HAVE_GNUTLS_X509_SYSTEM_TRUST):
    New macro.  Use it instead of low-level version number checks.
    (HAVE_GNUTLS_AEAD): Move here from gnutls.h, and rename from
    HAVE_GNUTLS3_AEAD.  All uses changed.  Indent preprocessor lines.
    (HAVE_GNUTLS3_HMAC): Remove, since these were available
    before GnuTLS 3.0.0 and the code checks them only if HAVE_GNUTLS3
    is defined.  Remove all uses; this simplifies the code a bit.
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