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    Conflate Qnil and Qunbound for `symbol-function'. · eadf1faa
    Stefan Monnier authored
    * src/alloc.c (Fmake_symbol): Initialize `function' to Qnil.
    * src/lread.c (init_obarray): Set `function' fields to Qnil.
    * src/eval.c (Fcommandp): Ignore Qunbound.
    (Fautoload, eval_sub, Fapply, Ffuncall, Fmacroexpand):
    * src/data.c (Ffset, Ffboundp, indirect_function, Findirect_function):
    Test NILP rather than Qunbound.
    (Ffmakunbound): Set to Qnil.
    (Fsymbol_function): Never signal an error.
    (Finteractive_form): Ignore Qunbound.
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