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    (desktop-buffer-mh): New function for mh mail system. · ec4c6f22
    Richard M. Stallman authored
    (desktop-buffer-handlers): Add desktop-buffer-mh.
    (desktop-buffer): Correct setting of auto-fill-mode.
    Make the compilation silent using (eval-when-compile ...)
    (old-kill-emacs): New explicit variable (for Emacs 18 comp.)
    (desktop-globals-to-save): Add the history rings for interactive searches.
    (postv18): Remove.
    (desktop-create-buffer-form): New variable.
    (desktop-save): Use desktop-create-buffer-form.
    (desktop-value-to-string): New function.
    (desktop-outvar): Clean-up using desktop-value-to-string.
    (desktop-save): clean-up Using desktop-value-to-string.
    (desktop-save): Decide Emacs version at compile time.
    (desktop-locals-to-save): New variable.
    (desktop-truncate): New function.
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