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    Katsumi Yamaoka authored
    2010-03-23  Katsumi Yamaoka  <yamaoka@jpl.org>
     * gnus-art.el (canlock-verify): Autoload it for Emacs 21.
     * message.el (ecomplete-setup): Autoload it for Emacs <23.
     * mml-sec.el (mml-secure-cache-passphrase): Default to t that is
     password-cache's default if it is not bound.
     (mml-secure-passphrase-cache-expiry): Default to 16 that is
     password-cache-expiry's default if it is not bound.
     * pop3.el (pop3-list): Don't use 3rd arg of `split-string' which is not
     available in Emacs 21.
    2010-03-23  Teodor Zlatanov  <tzz@lifelogs.com>
     * auth-source.el (auth-sources): Fix up definition so extra parameters
     are always inline.
    2010-03-22  Martin Stjernholm  <mast@lysator.liu.se>
     * nnimap.el (nnimap-verify-uidvalidity): Fixed bug where uidvalidity
     wasn't updated after mismatch.  Clear cached mailbox info correctly
     when uidvalidity changes.
     (nnimap-group-prefixed-name): New function to avoid some code
     (nnimap-verify-uidvalidity, nnimap-group-overview-filename)
     (nnimap-request-group): Use it.
     (nnimap-retrieve-groups, nnimap-verify-uidvalidity)
     (nnimap-update-unseen): Significantly improved speed of Gnus startup
     with many imap folders.  This is done by caching the group status from
     the imap server persistently in a group parameter `imap-status'. (This
     was cached before too if `nnimap-retrieve-groups-asynchronous' was set,
     but not persistently, so every Gnus startup was still very slow.)
    2010-03-20  Teodor Zlatanov  <tzz@lifelogs.com>
     * auth-source.el: Set up autoloads.  Bump to 23.2 because of the
     secrets.el dependency.
     (auth-sources): Add optional user name.  Add secrets.el configuration
     choice (unused right now).
    2010-03-20  Teodor Zlatanov  <tzz@lifelogs.com>
     * gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-make-menu-bar): Let
     `gnus-registry-install-shortcuts' fill in the functions.
     * gnus-registry.el (gnus-summary-misc-menu): Declare to avoid
     (gnus-registry-misc-menus): Variable to hold registry mark menus.
     (gnus-registry-install-shortcuts): Populate and use it in a
     `gnus-summary-menu-hook' lambda, under "Gnus"->"Registry Marks".
    2010-03-20  Martin Stjernholm  <mast@lysator.liu.se>
     * nnimap.el (nnimap-decode-group-name, nnimap-encode-group-name):
     In-place substitutions for the group name encoding/decoding.
     (nnimap-find-minmax-uid, nnimap-possibly-change-group)
     (nnimap-retrieve-headers-progress, nnimap-possibly-change-group)
     (nnimap-retrieve-headers-progress, nnimap-request-article-part)
     (nnimap-update-unseen, nnimap-request-list)
     (nnimap-retrieve-groups, nnimap-request-update-info-internal)
     (nnimap-request-set-mark, nnimap-split-to-groups)
     (nnimap-split-articles, nnimap-request-newgroups)
     (nnimap-request-create-group, nnimap-request-accept-article)
     (nnimap-request-delete-group, nnimap-request-rename-group)
     (nnimap-acl-get, nnimap-acl-edit): Use them.  Replace `mbx' with
     `encoded-mbx' for consistency.
     (nnimap-close-group): Call `imap-current-mailbox' instead of using the
     variable `imap-current-mailbox'.
     * gnus-agent.el (gnus-agent-fetch-articles, gnus-agent-fetch-headers)
     (gnus-agent-regenerate-group): Use `gnus-agent-decoded-group-name'.
    2010-03-20  Bojan Petrovic  <bpetrovi@f.bg.ac.rs>
     * pop3.el (pop3-display-message-size-flag): Display message size byte
     counts during POP3 download.
     (pop3-movemail): Use it.
     (pop3-list): Implement listing of available messages.
    2010-03-20  Mark Triggs  <mst@dishevelled.net>  (tiny change)
     * nnir.el (nnir-get-article-nov-override-function): New function to
     override the normal NOV retrieval.
     (nnir-retrieve-headers): Use it.
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