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    Don't warn on toggle-read-only calls. · b68b3337
    Chong Yidong authored
    Clarify the documentation of toggle-read-only, and audit the code tree
    for uses of toggle-read-only; where appropriate, switch to setting the
    variable buffer-read-only or calling toggle-read-only with a (new)
    second arg.
    * lisp/files.el (toggle-read-only): Doc fix and code cleanup.  New arg
    to allow printing the message when called from Lisp.
    * lisp/emacs-lisp/bytecomp.el (byte-compile-interactive-only-functions):
    Remove toggle-read-only.
    * lisp/bindings.el (mode-line-toggle-read-only):
    * lisp/dired.el (dired-toggle-read-only):
    * lisp/ibuffer.el (ibuffer-do-toggle-read-only): Call toggle-read-only
    with non-nil second arg.
    * lisp/bs.el (bs-toggle-readonly):
    * lisp/buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-toggle-read-only): Remove
    with-no-warnings around toggle-read-only.
    * lisp/ffap.el (ffap--toggle-read-only): Accept a list of buffers.
    Remove with-no-warnings around toggle-read-only.
    (ffap-read-only, ffap-read-only-other-window)
    (ffap-read-only-other-frame): Callers changed.