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    * menu.c (Fx_popup_menu): Consolidate versions from xmenu.c, · ef7417fd
    Stefan Monnier authored
    w32menu.c, and nsmenu.m.
    Simplify the obsolete case where position is nil.
    (cleanup_popup_menu): New function, moved from nsmenu.m.
    (struct skp): Remove slot `notreal'.
    (single_keymap_panes, keymap_panes): Remove arg `notreal' and adjust callers.
    (single_menu_item): Adjust call to parse_menu_item.
    (syms_of_menu): Defsubr x-popup-menu.
    * menu.h (Vmenu_updating_frame): Consolidate declarations from *menu.c.
    (keymap_panes): Don't export any more.
    (mouse_position_for_popup, w32_menu_show, ns_menu_show, xmenu_show): Declare.
    * keyboard.c (parse_menu_item): Remove arg `notreal'.
    (menu_bar_item, read_char_minibuf_menu_prompt): Adjust callers.
    * keyboard.h (parse_menu_item): Update declaration.
    * xmenu.c (Fx_popup_menu): Remove.
    (syms_of_xmenu): Don't defsubr x-popup-menu.
    * w32menu.c (Fx_popup_menu): Remove.
    (syms_of_w32menu): Don't defsubr x-popup-menu.
    * nsmenu.m (cleanup_popup_menu): Remove.
    (ns_menu_show): Rename from ns_popup_menu and remove all the code
    moved to menu.c's Fx_popup_menu.
    (Fx_popup_menu): Remove.
    (syms_of_nsmenu): Don't defsubr x-popup-menu, and don't initialize
    menu_items (it's done in menu.c already).
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