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    Andrew Choi authored
    2002-06-16  Andrew Choi  <akochoi@shaw.ca>
            * fontset.c (syms_of_fontset) [MAC_OS]: Set ASCII font of
            Vdefault_fontset to Monaco with mac-roman coding.
            * mac.c, macfns.c, macmenu.c, macterm.c: Undefine and redefine
            init_process before and after inclusion of Carbon/Carbon.h, resp.
            * macterm.c (x_new_font): Set font for normal_gc, reverse_gc, and
            (add_font_name_table_entry): New function.
            (init_font_name_table): Use add_font_name_table_entry; add italic,
            bold, and bold-italic entries for truetype fonts.
            * xfaces.c (init_frame_faces) [MAC_OS]: Call realize_basic_faces
            for Mac too.
            (try_font_list) [MAC_OS]: If no font matches given registry, try
            fonts with any registry matching face_family.
            (realize_x_face) [MAC_OS]: Remove old ad-hoc fix to load font
            * s/darwin.h: If autoconf detects the Ncurses library, define
            LIBS_TERMCAP to -lncurses to use it.
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    2002-06-16  Andrew Choi  <akochoi@shaw.ca>
            * term/mac-win.el (scalable-fonts-allowed): Set to t.
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