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    (tags-table-parent-pointer-list): Doc fix; elts are now 3-elt lists. · f06df563
    Roland McGrath authored
    (tags-next-table): Save tags-table-list in tags-table-parent-pointer-list
    and then set it to tags-included-tables.
    Restore tags-table-list from tags-table-parent-pointer-list.
    (tags-find-table-in-list): Renamed from tags-table-list-member.
    Search included tables.  Take new arg MOVE-TO; if t, frob list pointers.
    (tags-table-including): Save tags-table-list in tags-table-parent-pointer-list.
    Set tags-table-list to the passed TABLES value.
    (visit-tags-table-buffer): When CONT is nil, pop all
    tags-table-parent-pointer-list state before doing anything else.
    Don't do list frobnication when CONT is 'same.
    Call tags-find-table-in-list instead of tags-table-list-member; let it do
    list frobnication when it succeeds.
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