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    Introduce ns-auto-hide-menu-bar to hide menubar for Emacs frames. · f0a1382a
    Jan Djärv authored
    Code by Anders Lindgren.
    * nsterm.m (ns_menu_bar_is_hidden): New variable.
    (ns_constrain_all_frames, ns_menu_bar_should_be_hidden)
    (ns_update_auto_hide_menu_bar): New functions.
    (ns_update_begin): Call ns_update_auto_hide_menu_bar.
    (applicationDidBecomeActive): Call ns_update_auto_hide_menu_bar and
    (constrainFrameRect): Return at once if ns_menu_bar_should_be_hidden.
    (syms_of_nsterm): DEFVAR ns-auto-hide-menu-bar, init to Qnil.
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