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    Require gnus-util. · f2307f18
    Dave Love authored
    2000-11-07  Dave Love  <fx@gnu.org>
    	* rfc2047.el: (rfc2047-fold-region): Use gnus-point-at-bol.
    	(rfc2047-charset-encoding-alist): Add iso-8859-1[45].
    2000-11-07  ShengHuo ZHU  <zsh@cs.rochester.edu>
    	* rfc2047.el: Require cl when compiling.
    	(rfc2047-q-encode-region): Don't break if a QP-word could be
    	fitted in one line.
    	(rfc2047-decode): Use mm-with-unibyte-current-buffer-mule4.
    	(rfc2047-fold-region): "=?=" is not a break point.
    	(rfc2047-encode-message-header): Move fold into encode-region.
    	(rfc2047-dissect-region): Rewrite.
    	(rfc2047-encode-region): Rewrite.
    	(rfc2047-fold-region): Fold
    	(rfc2047-unfold-region): New function.
    	(rfc2047-decode-region): Use it.
    	(rfc2047-q-encode-region): Don't break at bob.
    	(rfc2047-decode): Use unibyte.
    	(rfc2047-q-encode-region): Better calculation of break point.
    	(rfc2047-fold-region): Don't break the first non-LWSP characters.
    	(rfc2047-encode-region): Merge only if regions are adjacent.
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