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    Fix minor problems found by static checking. · f462f075
    Paul Eggert authored
    * image.c (XGetPixel, XPutPixel) [HAVE_NS]: Now static.
    (expect): Avoid nested-if warning.
    (x_build_heuristic_mask) [HAVE_NS]: Avoid unused-var warning.
    * nsmenu.m (fillWithWidgetValue:): Avoid type warning.
    * nsterm.h, nsterm.m (ns_select):
    * xgselect.c, xgselect.h (xg_select):
    Adjust signature to better match pselect's.
    * nsterm.m (ns_select):
    Don't set *TIMEOUT, since pselect doesn't.
    * regex.c (whitespace_regexp): Now const_re_char *, to avoid
    diagnostic about assigning const char * to it.
    * xfaces.c (x_display_info) [HAVE_NS]: Remove; unused.
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