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    Limit <config.h>’s includes · f4eb8900
    Paul Eggert authored
    This follows up on recent problems with the fact that config.h
    includes stdlib.h etc.; some files need to include stdlib.h later.
    config.h generally should limit itself to includes that are
    universally safe; outside of MS-Windows, only stdbool.h makes
    the cut among the files currently included.  So, move the
    other includes to just the files that need them (Bug#24506).
    * configure.ac (config_opsysfile): Remove, as this generic hook
    is no longer needed.
    * lib-src/etags.c, src/unexmacosx.c, src/w32.c, src/w32notify.c:
    * src/w32proc.c (_GNU_SOURCE):
    Remove, as it’s OK for config.h to do this now.
    * src/conf_post.h: Include <ms-w32.h>, instead of the generic
    config_opsysfile, for simplicity as this old way of configuring is
    now done only for the MS-Windows port.  Do not include <ms-w32.h>
    if DEFER_MS_W32_H, for the benefit of the few files that want its
    effects later.  Do not include <alloca.h>, <string.h>, or
    <stdlib.h>.  Other files modified to include these headers as
    needed, or to not include headers that are no longer needed.
    * src/lisp.h: Include <alloca.h> and <string.h> here, since
    some of the inline functions need them.
    * src/regex.c: Include <alloca.h> if not emacs.  (If emacs,
    we can rely on SAFE_ALLOCA.)  There is no longer any need to
    worry about HAVE_ALLOCA_H.
    * src/unexmacosx.c: Rely on config.h not including stdlib.h.
    * src/w32.c, src/w32notify.c, src/w32proc.c (DEFER_MS_W32_H):
    Define before including <config.h> first, and include <ms-w32.h>
    after the troublesome headers.
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