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    Improve AIX port some more. · f53f992a
    Paul Eggert authored
    With this, it should be as good as it was in 23.3, though it's
    still pretty bad: the dumped emacs does not run.  See Mark Fleishman in
    * unexaix.c (start_of_text): Remove.
    (_data, _text): Declare as char[], not int, as AIX manual suggests.
    (bias, lnnoptr, text_scnptr, data_scnptr, load_scnptr)
    (orig_load_scnptr, orig_data_scnptr):
    Now off_t, not long, since they are file offsets.
    (make_hdr): Use _data, not start_of_data ().
    This is the key part of the fix.
    (make_hdr, unrelocate_symbols): Use off_t for file offsets.
    (unrelocate_symbols): Cast pointers to intptr_t, not to ulong.
    Fixes: debbugs:13650
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