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    John W. Eaton <jwe at octave.org> · f5b54e31
    Glenn Morris authored
    (octave-re-search-forward-kw, octave-re-search-backward-kw): New functions.
    (octave-in-defun-p, calculate-octave-indent)
    (octave-blink-matching-block-open, octave-beginning-of-defun)
    (octave-auto-fill): Use octave-looking-at-kw instead of looking-at,
    to search for regexps that contain case-sensitive keywords.
    (octave-beginning-of-defun): Likewise, for octave-re-search-backward-kw.
    (octave-scan-blocks): Likewise, for octave-re-search-forward-kw.
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