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    Redesign redisplay interface to drop global output_cursor. · f60e429a
    Dmitry Antipov authored
    * dispextern.h (struct redisplay_interface): Remove cursor_to member.
    (toplevel): Remove declaration of output_cursor.
    (set_output_cursor, x_cursor_to): Remove prototype.
    * window.h (struct window): New member output_cursor.
    (output_cursor_to): New function to replace RIF member.
    * dispnew.c (redraw_overlapped_rows, update_marginal_area)
    (update_text_area, set_window_cursor_after_update): Use it.
    * xdisp.c (output_cursor, set_output_cursor, x_cursor_to): Remove.
    (x_write_glyphs, x_insert_glyphs, x_clear_end_of_line):
    * nsterm.m (ns_update_window_begin, ns_update_window_end):
    * w32term.c (x_update_window_begin, x_update_window_end):
    * xterm.c (x_update_window_begin, x_update_window_end):
    Adjust to use per-window output cursor.
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