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    Changes for automatic remapping of X colors on terminal frames: · f795f633
    Eli Zaretskii authored
    	* term/pc-win.el (msdos-setup-initial-frame): New function, run by
    	term-setup-hook.  Call msdos-remember-default-colors and
    	(msdos-face-setup): Parts of code moved to
    	(msdos-handle-reverse-video): New function, modeled after
    	(make-msdos-frame): Don't use initial-frame-alist and
    	default-frame-alist.  Call msdos-handle-reverse-video.
    	(msdos-color-aliases): Remove.
    	(msdos-color-translate, msdos-approximate-color): Remove.
    	(msdos-color-values): Use 16-bit RGB values.  RGB values updated
    	for better approximation of X colors.
    	(msdos-face-setup): Call tty-color-clear.  Remove code that sets
    	up tty-color-alist (it is now on startup.el).
    	(x-display-color-p, x-color-defined-p, x-color-values,
    	x-defined-colors, face-color-supported-p, face-color-gray-p):
    	* facemenu.el (facemenu-read-color, list-colors-display): Use
    	defined-colors for all frame types.
    	(facemenu-color-equal): Use color-values for all frame types.
    	* faces.el (read-face-attribute): For :foreground and :background
    	attributes and frames on character terminals, translate the color
    	to the closest supported one before looking it up in the list of
    	valid values.
    	(face-valid-attribute-values): Call defined-colors for all types
    	of frames.
    	(defined-colors, color-defined-p, color-values, display-color-p):
    	New finctions.
    	(x-defined-colors, x-color-defined-p, x-color-values,
    	x-display-color-p): Aliases for the above.
    	* startup.el (command-line): Register terminal colors for frame
    	types other than x and w32, but only if the terminal supports
    	colors.  Call tty-color-define instead of face-register-tty-color.
    	* term/x-win.el (xw-defined-colors): Renamed from
    	* term/w32-win.el (xw-defined-colors): Likewise.
    	* term/tty-colors.el: New file.
    	* loadup.el: Load term/tty-colors.
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