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    Add support for auto-generating info/dir · f9405d87
    Glenn Morris authored
    * admin/update_autogen: Add option to generate info/dir.
    (Usage): Add -I.
    (info_flag): New variable.
    (-I): New option.
    (doc): Maybe check its status.
    (info_dir): New function.
    * admin/dir_top: New file.
    * doc/emacs/emacs.texi:
    * doc/lispintro/emacs-lisp-intro.texi:
    * doc/lispref/elisp.texi:
    * doc/misc/autotype.texi, doc/misc/cc-mode.texi, doc/misc/ediff.texi:
    * doc/misc/ert.texi, doc/misc/htmlfontify.texi, doc/misc/ido.texi:
    * doc/misc/octave-mode.texi, doc/misc/org.texi, doc/misc/srecode.texi:
    * doc/misc/todo-mode.texi, doc/misc/tramp.texi:
    Sync direntry with info/dir version.
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