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    (desktop-files-not-to-save): New variable to exclude certain files -- magic · fa379636
    Karl Heuer authored
    ftp names by default -- from being put into desktop files.
    (desktop-save-buffer-p): Check file name also.
    (desktop-save-buffer-p): For directories loaded by dired consider the
    directory to be the file name.
    (desktop-locals-to-save): Add line-number-mode to be saved when local.
    (desktop-remove): In case the desktop file cannot be deleted make sure that
    the desktop system is still inactivated.
    (desktop-kill): In case an error occurs when saving the desktop, offer to quit
    (desktop-save-buffer-p): Disregard case when testing file and buffer names
    against regexps.
    (desktop-buffer-dired): Display a warning if a directory no longer exists.
    (desktop-save-hook): New variable.
    (desktop-save): Run desktop-save-hook.
    (desktop-clear): Clear search history.
    (desktop-internal-v2s): Be more explicit when encountering an unprintable
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