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    Sync with upstream vhdl mode v3.35.1 · fb3deac8
    Reto Zimmermann authored
    * lisp/progmodes/vhdl-mode.el (vhdl-version, vhdl-time-stamp): Update.
    (vhdl-compiler-alist): Doc fix.
    (vhdl-goto-line): Remove.
    (vhdl-mode-abbrev-table-init): Add XEmacs compat.
    (vhdl-mode) <paragraph-start>: Fix value.
    (vhdl-fix-statement-region): Not `for' in wait-statement.
    (vhdl-beautify-region): Also (un)tabify.
    Scan declarative part of generate statements.
    (vhdl-template-record): Fix indentation for record type declaration.
    (vhdl-expand-abbrev, vhdl-expand-paren): FIXME.
    (vhdl-scan-directory-contents): Tweak.
    (vhdl-speedbar-find-file, vhdl-speedbar-port-copy)
    Replace vhdl-goto-line with forward-line.
    (top-level): Tweak speedbar frame selection.
    (vhdl-generate-makefile-1): Support for compilers with no
    unit-to-file name mapping (create directory with dummy files).
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