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    * xfns.c (Fx_change_window_property): Use long array when format is 32. · fc34503b
    Jan Djärv authored
    	(Fx_window_property): If format is 32 and long is bigger than 32 bits,
    	convert long array returned from XGetWindowProperty to an int array.
    	* xselect.c (x_reply_selection_request): Pass long array to
    	XChangeProperty so that 64 bit longs are handeled correctly.
    	(x_get_window_property): If format is 32 and long is bigger than 32
    	bits convert data from XGetWindowProperty from long array to int array.
    	(lisp_data_to_selection_data): When the input is a vector and the
    	format is 32, allocate a long array even if long is bigger than 32 bits.
    	(x_fill_property_data): Use char, short and long as the man page
    	for XChangeProperty specifies.  This way the data returned is OK for
    	both 32 and 64 bit machines.
    	(x_handle_dnd_message): Calculate size correctly even for 64 bit
    	(Fx_send_client_event): Undo change from 2005-02-05,
    	x_fill_property_data now handles that case.
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