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    Update from Gnulib · fc389d3a
    Paul Eggert authored
    This incorporates:
    2018-09-10 timespec: fix resolution confusion
    2018-09-09 mktime: simplify in prep for glibc merge
    2018-09-07 intprops: minor clarification of code
    2018-09-06 stddef: Override max_align_t on NetBSD 8.0/x86
    2018-09-06 fcntl: Fix F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC behaviour on Haiku
    2018-09-06 strtoll, strtoull: Rely on limits-h module
    2018-09-06 limits-h: Provide numerical limits macros
    2018-09-06 fcntl: Don't access nonexistent optional argument
    2018-09-02 mktime: fix unlikely race+overflow bug
    2018-08-31 mktime, timegm: simplify glibc time64_t
    2018-08-31 mktime, timegm: simplify merge to glibc
    * build-aux/config.guess, build-aux/config.sub:
    * lib/dtotimespec.c, lib/fcntl.c, lib/intprops.h:
    * lib/limits.in.h, lib/mktime-internal.h, lib/mktime.c:
    * lib/stat-time.h, lib/strtol.c, lib/timegm.c:
    * lib/timespec-add.c, lib/timespec-sub.c, lib/timespec.h:
    * lib/utimens.c, m4/limits-h.m4, m4/stddef_h.m4:
    Copy from Gnulib.
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