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    Generate a ChangeLog file from commit logs · 23468561
    Paul Eggert authored
    * .gitignore: Add 'ChangeLog'.
    * build-aux/gitlog-to-changelog: New file, from Gnulib.
    * build-aux/gitlog-to-emacslog: New file.
    * CONTRIBUTE: Document the revised workflow.
    * Makefile.in (clean): Remove *.tmp and etc/*.tmp*
    instead of just special cases.
    (ChangeLog, unchanged-history-files, change-history)
    (change-history-commit): New rules.
    * admin/admin.el (make-manuals-dist--1):
    Don't worry about doc/ChangeLog.
    * admin/authors.el: Add a FIXME.
    * admin/make-tarball.txt:
    * lisp/calendar/icalendar.el:
    * lisp/gnus/deuglify.el:
    * lisp/obsolete/gulp.el:
    * lwlib/README:
    Adjust to renamed ChangeLog history files.
    * admin/merge-gnulib (GNULIB_MODULES): Add gitlog-to-changelog.
    * admin/notes/repo: Call it 'master' a la Git, not 'trunk' a la Bzr.
    Remove obsolete discussion of merging ChangeLog files.
    New section "Maintaining ChangeLog history".
    * build-aux/git-hooks/pre-commit:
    Reject attempts to commit files named 'ChangeLog'.
    * lib/gnulib.mk, m4/gnulib-comp.m4: Regenerate.
    * make-dist: Make and distribute top-level ChangeLog if there's a
    .git directory.  Distribute the new ChangeLog history files
    instead of scattered ChangeLog files.  Distribute the new files
    gitlog-to-changelog and gitlog-to-emacslog.
    Fixes: bug#19113
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