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    Allow uploading files from eww · fca2f703
    Kenjiro NAKAYAMA authored
    2014-11-10  Kenjiro NAKAYAMA  <nakayamakenjiro@gmail.com>
            * net/eww.el(eww-form-file(defface)): New defface of file upload form.
            (eww-submit-file): New key map of file upload.
            (eww-form-file): New file upload button and file name context.
            (eww-select-file): Select file and display selected file name.
            (eww-tag-input): Handle input tag of file type.
            (eww-update-field): Add point offset.
            (eww-submit): Add submit with multipart/form-data.
            * gnus/mm-url.el (mm-url-encode-multipart-form-data):
            Restore to handle "multipart/form-data" by eww.
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