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    (speedbar-edit-line, speedbar-buffer-kill-buffer, · fd7bd989
    Eric M. Ludlam authored
    speedbar-buffer-revert-buffer): Updated buffer finding regex to
    handle the [?] tag.
    (speedbar-find-selected-file): New function.
    (speedbar-clear-current-file): Uses `speedbar-find-selected-file'
    (speedbar-update-current-file): Uses `speedbar-find-selected-file',
    and now `speedbar-last-selected-file' is defined as the path name
    to the file, not just the file itself.
    (speedbar-center-buffer-smartly): Fixed center error to handle
    the whole buffer.
    (speedbar-delete-subblock): Rewrote to be more robust, less clever.
    (speedbar-timer-fn): Removed short display time for messages.
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