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    (CATEGORY_MASK_RAW_TEXT): New macro. · ff0dacd7
    Kenichi Handa authored
    (detect_coding_utf_8, detect_coding_utf_16)
    (detect_coding_emacs_mule, detect_coding_iso_2022)
    (detect_coding_sjis, detect_coding_big5)
    (detect_coding_ccl, detect_coding_charset): Change argument MASK
    to DETECT_INFO.  Update DETECT_INFO and return 1 if the byte
    sequence is valid in this coding system.  Callers changed.
    (ADD_ANNOTATION_DATA): New macro.
    (ADD_COMPOSITION_DATA): Argument changed.  Callers changed.  Call
    ADD_ANNOTATION_DATA.  The format of annotation data changed.
    (ADD_CHARSET_DATA): New macro.
    (emacs_mule_char): New argument ID.  Callers changed.
    (decode_coding_emacs_mule, decode_coding_iso_2022)
    (decode_coding_sjis, decode_coding_big5, decode_coding_charset):
    Produce charset annotation data in coding->charbuf.
    (encode_coding_emacs_mule, encode_coding_iso_2022): Pay attention
    to charset annotation data in coding->charbuf.
    (setup_coding_system): Add CODING_ANNOTATE_CHARSET_MASK
    coding->common_flags if the coding system is iso-2022 based and
    uses designation.
    (produce_composition): Adjusted for the new annotation data
    (produce_charset): New function.
    (produce_annotation): Handle charset annotation.
    (handle_composition_annotation, handle_charset_annotation): New
    (consume_chars): Handle charset annotation.  Utilize the above two
    (encode_coding_object): If SRC_OBJECT and DST_OBJECT are the same
    buffer, get the deleted text as a string and set
    coding->src_object to that string.
    (detect_coding, detect_coding_system): Use the new struct
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