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    Moved all remaining images from lisp/toolbar to etc/images, moved · ffda926c
    Bill Wohler authored
    lisp/toolbar/tool-bar to lisp and "deleted" lisp/toolbar. The low
    resolution images were placed in their own directory (low-color).
    Replaced underscore (_) in filenames with dash (-) per convention
    * make-dist: Create and populate etc/images/low-color.
    * admin/FOR-RELEASE (DOCUMENTATION): Removed lisp/toolbar from list
      since it's gone. Also marked mh-e as done.
    * lisp/toolbar/attach.*, lisp/toolbar/cancel.*, lisp/toolbar/close.*:
    * lisp/toolbar/copy.*, lisp/toolbar/cut.*, lisp/toolbar/diropen.*:
    * lisp/toolbar/exit.*, lisp/toolbar/help.*, lisp/toolbar/home.*:
    * lisp/toolbar/index.*, lisp/toolbar/info.*, lisp/toolbar/mail.*:
    * lisp/toolbar/new.*, lisp/toolbar/open.*, lisp/toolbar/paste.*, *
    * lisp/toolbar/preferences.*, lisp/toolbar/print.*, lisp/toolbar/save.*:
    * lisp/toolbar/saveas.*, lisp/toolbar/search.*:
    * lisp/toolbar/search-replace.*: lisp/toolbar/spell.*:
    * lisp/toolbar/undo.*: Moved to etc/images.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-copy.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/copy.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-cut.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/cut.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-help.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/help.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-home.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/home.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-index.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/index.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-new.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/new.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-open.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/open.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-paste.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/paste.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-preferences.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/preferences.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-print.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/print.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-save.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/save.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-saveas.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/saveas.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-search.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/search.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-spell.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/spell.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-undo.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/undo.*.
    To conform with convention, the underscore (_) in the following image
    names were replaced with dash (-) or (/) as appropriate.
    * lisp/toolbar/back_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/back-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/fld_open.*: Moved to etc/images/fld-open.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/fwd_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/fwd-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/jump_to.*: Moved to etc/images/jump-to.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/left_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/left-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/right_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/right-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/up_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/up-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-back_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/back-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-fwd_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/fwd-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-jump_to.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/jump-to.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-left_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/left-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-right_arrow.*.: Moved to etc/images/low-color/right-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/lc-up_arrow.*: Moved to etc/images/low-color/up-arrow.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/mail_compose.*.: Moved to etc/images/mail/compose.*.
    * lisp/toolbar/mail_send.*: Moved to etc/images/mail/send.*.
    * lisp/info.el (info-tool-bar-map): Replaced underscores in image
    names with dashes.
    * lisp/makefile.w32-in (WINS): Removed toolbar.
    * lisp/menu-bar.el: Replaced toolbar/tool-bar.el with tool-bar.el in
    * lisp/tool-bar.el: Moved to lisp from lisp/toolbar. Now that
    lisp/toolbar is empty, it should be deleted when folks run "cvs up
    * etc/images/README: Incorporated the content of lisp/toolbar/README
    now that all of the images are here.
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