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    Modernize to C89, for better static checking. · 55660072
    Paul Eggert authored
    * Activate.c (XMenuActivate): Callback's first arg is readonly.
    * AddPane.c (XMenuAddPane): Label is readonly.  Rename local
    to avoid shadowing.
    * AddSel.c (XMenuAddSelection): Help arg is readonly.  Rename local.
    * Create.c (atoi, atof): Remove decls; include <stdlib.h>.
    (MAX_INACT_PNUM, TILE_BUF_SIZE): Remove; unused.
    (x_get_resource_string): Args are readonly.
    (XAllocDisplayColor): colorName is readonly.
    (XMenuCreate): def_env is readonly.  Remove unused locals.  Avoid
    * Destroy.c (XMenuDestroy): Return void.
    * Error.c (XMenuError): Remove const pointer.
    * EvHand.c (XMenuEventHandler): Return void.
    * FindPane.c, FindSel.c: Include <string.h>.
    * InsPane.c (XMenuInsertPane): Rename local to avoid shadowing.
    * InsSel.c (XMenuInsertSelection): Likewise.
    * Internal.c (toggle_color, BUFFER_SIZE): Remove; unused.
    (_XMErrorList): Now const.
    (_XMWinQueInit, _XMRecomputeGlobals, _XMTransToOrigin, _XMRefreshPane):
    (_XMRefreshSelection): Return void.
    (_XMWinQueFlush, _XMRefreshSelection): Rename locals to avoid
    (_XMWinQueFlush): Use stack, not heap.  Don't use uninitialized var.
    * SetAEQ.c (XMenuSetAEQ): Now returns void.
    * SetFrz.c (XMenuSetFreeze): Likewise.
    * X10.h (XAssoc): Use void * for generic pointer.
    * XDelAssoc.c: Include XMenuInt.h rather than duplicating part of it.
    * XDestAssoc.c, XMakeAssoc.c: Likewise.
    * XDestAssoc.c (XDestroyAssocTable): Return void.
    * XMakeAssoc.c (XMakeAssoc): Use void * for generic pointer.
    * XMenu.h, XMenuInt.h: Adjust to signature changes.  Use const
    for pointers to readonly storage.
    * insque.c: Include XMenuInt.h, to check our own signature.
    (emacs_insque, emacs_remque): Use void * for generic pointers.