Commit 000ab717 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(create_process) [NTTYDISC]: Set the tty line discipline.

parent f72ea981
......@@ -1236,12 +1236,20 @@ create_process (process, new_argv, current_dir)
#else /* not HAVE_SETSID */
#ifdef USG
/* It's very important to call setpgrp() here and no time
/* It's very important to call setpgrp here and no time
afterwards. Otherwise, we lose our controlling tty which
is set when we open the pty. */
setpgrp ();
#endif /* USG */
#endif /* not HAVE_SETSID */
/* Use new line discipline. */
int ldisc = NTTYDISC;
if (ioctl (xforkin, TIOCSETD, &ldisc) < 0)
write (1, "create_process/TIOCSETD failed\n", 31);
/* In 4.3BSD, the TIOCSPGRP bug has been fixed, and now you
can do TIOCSPGRP only to the process's controlling tty. */
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