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* etc/NEWS: Edit delayed-warnings-list entry.

* lisp/subr.el: Related comment.
parent 91af9d2e
......@@ -1459,8 +1459,14 @@ displayed with a "spinning bar".
** New variable `revert-buffer-in-progress-p' is true while a buffer is
being reverted, even if the buffer has a local `revert-buffer-function'.
** New variables `delayed-warnings-list' and `delayed-warnings-hook' allow
deferring warnings until the main command loop is executed.
** New variables `delayed-warnings-list' and `delayed-warnings-hook'.
If delayed-warnings-list is non-nil, the command loop calls
delayed-warnings-hook after post-command-hook. At present, this is
only used by Emacs on some platforms to display warnings during
startup, which might otherwise not be noticed. This uses the functions
display-delayed-warnings and collapse-delayed-warnings.
** `set-auto-mode' now respects mode: local variables at the end of files,
......@@ -1884,6 +1884,9 @@ Used from `delayed-warnings-hook' (which see)."
(push warning collapsed)))
(setq delayed-warnings-list (nreverse collapsed))))
;; At present this is only really useful for Emacs internals.
;; Document in the lispref if it becomes generally useful.
;; Ref
(defvar delayed-warnings-hook '(collapse-delayed-warnings
"Normal hook run to process delayed warnings.
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