Commit 0030ec15 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/menu-bar.el (menu-bar-help-extra-packages): Remove.

(menu-bar-help-menu): Use view-external-packages instead.

* doc/misc/faq.texi: Comment.
parent 3c8b09ca
......@@ -3299,6 +3299,7 @@ the constituent Emacs packages.
For advice on how to find extra packages that are not part of Emacs,
see @ref{Packages that do not come with Emacs}.
@c Note that M-x view-external-packages references this node.
@node Packages that do not come with Emacs
@section Where can I get Emacs Lisp packages that don't come with Emacs?
@cindex Unbundled packages
2014-01-07 Glenn Morris <>
* menu-bar.el (menu-bar-help-extra-packages): Remove.
(menu-bar-help-menu): Use view-external-packages instead.
2014-01-07 Bastien Guerry <>
* emacs-lisp/package.el (package-delete): Also delete the package
......@@ -1635,12 +1635,6 @@ key, a click, or a menu-item"))
:help "Read the Introduction to Emacs Lisp Programming"))
;; This used to visit MORE.STUFF; maybe it should just be removed.
(defun menu-bar-help-extra-packages ()
"Display help about some additional packages available for Emacs."
(info "(efaq)Packages that do not come with Emacs"))
(defun help-with-tutorial-spec-language ()
"Use the Emacs tutorial, specifying which language you want."
......@@ -1668,8 +1662,8 @@ key, a click, or a menu-item"))
(bindings--define-key menu [sep2]
(bindings--define-key menu [external-packages]
'(menu-item "Finding Extra Packages" menu-bar-help-extra-packages
:help "Lisp packages distributed separately for use in Emacs"))
'(menu-item "Finding Extra Packages" view-external-packages
:help "How to get more Lisp packages for use in Emacs"))
(bindings--define-key menu [find-emacs-packages]
'(menu-item "Search Built-in Packages" finder-by-keyword
:help "Find built-in packages and features by keyword"))
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