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(Search and Replace): Add replace-regexp-in-string.

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......@@ -1147,6 +1147,25 @@ A positive number means to include that many lines both before and after.
@section Search and Replace
@cindex replacement
@defun replace-regexp-in-string regexp rep string &optional fixedcase literal subexp start
This function copies @var{string} and searches it for matches for
@var{regexp}, and replaces them with @var{rep}. It returns the
modified copy. If @var{start} is non-@code{nil}, the search for
matches starts at that index in @var{string}, so matches starting
before that index are not changed.
This function uses @code{replace-match} to do the replacement, and it
passes the optional arguments @var{fixedcase}, @var{literal} and
@var{subexp} along to @code{replace-match}.
Instead of a string, @var{rep} can be a function. In that case,
@code{replace-regexp-in-string} calls @var{rep} for each match,
passing the text of the match as its sole argument. It collects the
value @var{rep} returns and passes that to @code{replace-match} as the
replacement string. The match-data at this point are the result
of matching @var{regexp} against a substring of @var{string}.
@end defun
@defun perform-replace from-string replacements query-flag regexp-flag delimited-flag &optional repeat-count map start end
This function is the guts of @code{query-replace} and related
commands. It searches for occurrences of @var{from-string} in the
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