Commit 004e695a authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(cc-define-list-program): Remove this

recent addition.
parent a70d41f7
......@@ -1476,13 +1476,6 @@ names)."))
:type 'c-extra-types-widget
:group 'c)
(defcustom cc-define-list-program "gcc -E -dM -"
"The program name for generating a list of #define directives.
This list is used to display the #define directive associated
with an identifier as a tooltip. It works in a debug session
with GDB, when tooltip-gud-tips-p is t."
:type 'string
:group 'c)
;; Non-customizable variables, still part of the interface to CC Mode
(defvar c-file-style nil
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