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Clarified the definition of implicit tag names.

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......@@ -72,8 +72,12 @@ Emacs can find a tag faster and more accurately. These tag names are
part of tag lines in the tags file, so we call them "explicit".
- Why implicit tag names are even better
The purpose of implicit tag names is to reduce the number of tag names
in a tags file, thus reducing the size of the tags file. When the user
Often tag names are redundant; this happens when the name of a tag is an
easily guessable substring of the tag pattern. We define a set of rules
to decide whether it is possible to deduce the tag name from the pattern,
and make an unnamed tag in those cases. The name deduced from the
pattern of an unnamed tag is the implicit name of that tag. The use of
implicit tag names reduces the size of the tags file. When the user
looks for a tag, and Emacs founds no explicit tag names that match it,
Emacs then tries to match the tag with an implicit tag name. Such a
match occurs when the tag matches a pattern, subject to the satisfaction
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