Commit 0060c0d7 authored by Artur Malabarba's avatar Artur Malabarba

* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el: Revert async package transactions

(package-menu-async): Update doc.
(package-install-from-archive, package-download-transaction)
(package-install, package-menu--perform-transaction)
(package-menu-execute): Remove asynchronous functionality.
parent 6f4b0e81
......@@ -350,8 +350,9 @@ a sane initial value."
(defcustom package-menu-async t
"If non-nil, package-menu will use async operations when possible.
This includes refreshing archive contents as well as installing
Currently, only the refreshing of archive contents supports
asynchronous operations. Package transactions are still done
:type 'boolean
:version "25.1")
......@@ -1712,31 +1713,26 @@ if all the in-between dependencies are also in PACKAGE-LIST."
"Return the archive containing the package NAME."
(cdr (assoc (package-desc-archive desc) package-archives)))
(defun package-install-from-archive (pkg-desc &optional async callback)
"Download and install a tar package.
If ASYNC is non-nil, perform the download asynchronously.
If CALLBACK is non-nil, call it with no arguments once the
operation is done."
(defun package-install-from-archive (pkg-desc)
"Download and install a tar package."
;; This won't happen, unless the archive is doing something wrong.
(when (eq (package-desc-kind pkg-desc) 'dir)
(error "Can't install directory package from archive"))
(let* ((location (package-archive-base pkg-desc))
(file (concat (package-desc-full-name pkg-desc)
(package-desc-suffix pkg-desc))))
(package--with-work-buffer-async location file async
(package--with-work-buffer location file
(if (or (not package-check-signature)
(member (package-desc-archive pkg-desc)
;; If we don't care about the signature, unpack and we're
;; done.
(progn (let ((save-silently async)
(inhibit-message async))
(let ((save-silently t))
(package-unpack pkg-desc))
(funcall callback))
;; If we care, check it and *then* write the file.
(let ((content (buffer-string)))
location file content async
location file content nil
;; This function will be called after signature checking.
(lambda (&optional good-sigs)
(unless (or good-sigs (eq package-check-signature 'allow-unsigned))
......@@ -1746,8 +1742,7 @@ operation is done."
(package-desc-name pkg-desc)))
;; Signature checked, unpack now.
(with-temp-buffer (insert content)
(let ((save-silently async)
(inhibit-message async))
(let ((save-silently t))
(package-unpack pkg-desc)))
;; Here the package has been installed successfully, mark it as
;; signed if appropriate.
......@@ -1763,9 +1758,7 @@ operation is done."
(setf (package-desc-signed pkg-desc) t)
;; Update the new (activated) pkg-desc as well.
(when-let ((pkg-descs (cdr (assq (package-desc-name pkg-desc) package-alist))))
(setf (package-desc-signed (car pkg-descs)) t)))
(when (functionp callback)
(funcall callback)))))))))
(setf (package-desc-signed (car pkg-descs)) t))))))))))
(defun package-installed-p (package &optional min-version)
"Return true if PACKAGE, of MIN-VERSION or newer, is installed.
......@@ -1786,25 +1779,13 @@ If PACKAGE is a package-desc object, MIN-VERSION is ignored."
;; Also check built-in packages.
(package-built-in-p package min-version))))
(defun package-download-transaction (packages &optional async callback)
(defun package-download-transaction (packages)
"Download and install all the packages in PACKAGES.
PACKAGES should be a list of package-desc.
If ASYNC is non-nil, perform the downloads asynchronously.
If CALLBACK is non-nil, call it with no arguments once the
entire operation is done.
This function assumes that all package requirements in
PACKAGES are satisfied, i.e. that PACKAGES is computed
using `package-compute-transaction'."
(packages (package-install-from-archive
(car packages)
(lambda ()
(package-download-transaction (cdr packages))
(when (functionp callback)
(funcall callback)))))
(callback (funcall callback))))
(mapc #'package-install-from-archive packages))
(defun package--ensure-init-file ()
"Ensure that the user's init file has `package-initialize'.
......@@ -1857,16 +1838,13 @@ add a call to it along with some explanatory comments."
(setq package--init-file-ensured t))
(defun package-install (pkg &optional dont-select async callback)
(defun package-install (pkg &optional dont-select)
"Install the package PKG.
PKG can be a package-desc or the package name of one the available packages
in an archive in `package-archives'. Interactively, prompt for its name.
If called interactively or if DONT-SELECT nil, add PKG to
If ASYNC is non-nil, perform the downloads asynchronously.
If CALLBACK is non-nil, call it with no arguments once the
entire operation is done.
If PKG is a package-desc and it is already installed, don't try
to install it but still mark it as selected."
......@@ -1899,9 +1877,8 @@ to install it but still mark it as selected."
(package-compute-transaction (list pkg)
(package-desc-reqs pkg)))
(package-compute-transaction () (list (list pkg))))))
(package-download-transaction transaction async callback)
(message "`%s' is already installed" (package-desc-full-name pkg))
(funcall callback)))
(package-download-transaction transaction)
(message "`%s' is already installed" (package-desc-full-name pkg))))
(defun package-strip-rcs-id (str)
"Strip RCS version ID from the version string STR.
......@@ -2938,30 +2915,23 @@ nil, but not both."
(package-menu--list-to-prompt upg)
"? "))))
(defun package-menu--perform-transaction (install-list delete-list &optional async)
"Install packages in INSTALL-LIST and delete DELETE-LIST.
If ASYNC is non-nil, perform the installation downloads
;; While there are packages to install, call `package-install' on
;; the next one and defer deletion to the callback function.
(defun package-menu--perform-transaction (install-list delete-list)
"Install packages in INSTALL-LIST and delete DELETE-LIST."
(if install-list
(let* ((pkg (car install-list))
(rest (cdr install-list))
(dolist (pkg install-list)
;; Don't mark as selected if it's a new version of an
;; installed package.
(dont-mark (and (not (package-installed-p pkg))
pkg (and (not (package-installed-p pkg))
(package-desc-name pkg)))))
pkg dont-mark async
(lambda () (package-menu--perform-transaction rest delete-list async))))
(let ((inhibit-message async))
;; Once there are no more packages to install, proceed to
;; deletion.
(dolist (elt (package--sort-by-dependence delete-list))
(condition-case-unless-debug err
(package-delete elt)
(error (message (cadr err))))))
(let ((inhibit-message t))
(package-delete elt))
(error (message (cadr err)))))
(message "Transaction done")
(when package-selected-packages
(when-let ((removable (package--removable-packages)))
......@@ -2997,8 +2967,7 @@ Optional argument NOQUERY non-nil means do not ask the user to confirm."
(package-menu--prompt-transaction-p install-list delete-list))
(message "Transaction started")
;; This calls `package-menu--generate' after everything's done.
install-list delete-list package-menu-async))))
(package-menu--perform-transaction install-list delete-list))))
(defun package-menu--version-predicate (A B)
(let ((vA (or (aref (cadr A) 1) '(0)))
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