Commit 00791dee authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Auto-commit of loaddefs files.

parent 8d43f3cd
......@@ -6658,7 +6658,7 @@ If FACE is not a valid face name, use default face."
;; But autoload them here to make the separation invisible.
;;;### (autoloads (ps-mule-end-job ps-mule-begin-job ps-mule-initialize
;;;;;; ps-multibyte-buffer) "ps-mule" "ps-mule.el" "01641c7c3af4e45e1c3afeb75a73120c")
;;;;;; ps-multibyte-buffer) "ps-mule" "ps-mule.el" "5c36356aa1f23d9da308debe8f2e4e49")
;;; Generated autoloads from ps-mule.el
(defvar ps-multibyte-buffer nil "\
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