Commit 008330ea authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(command-line): Enable tool-bar-mode as long as it is not suppressed

by X resources, regardless of the terminal.
parent f3af39b8
......@@ -898,14 +898,16 @@ opening the first frame (e.g. open a connection to an X server).")
(<= (frame-parameter nil 'menu-bar-lines) 0)))))
(menu-bar-mode 1))
;; If we run as a daemon or frame was created with a tool bar,
;; switch tool-bar-mode on.
(when (or (daemonp)
(not (or noninteractive
(not (display-graphic-p))
(<= (frame-parameter nil 'tool-bar-lines) 0))))
(tool-bar-mode 1))
;; Enable tool-bar-mode if necessary. Note that we might enable it
;; even in tty frames, which means that there is a tool-bar if Emacs
;; later opens a graphical frame.
(unless (or noninteractive emacs-basic-display
;; The tool-bar-lines parameter is nil if starting on a
;; tty; it is 0 if starting on a graphical display with
;; the toolbar disabled via X resources.
(and (numberp (frame-parameter nil 'tool-bar-lines))
(<= (frame-parameter nil 'tool-bar-lines) 0)))
(tool-bar-mode 1))
;; Can't do this init in defcustom because the relevant variables
;; are not set.
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