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; * etc/NEWS: Rephrase the entry about 'grep-find-template'.

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......@@ -1113,7 +1113,14 @@ grep-like tools.
On systems where the grep command supports it, directories will be
*** 'grep-find-template' now includes the 'find' option '-H'.
*** Commands that use 'grep-find' now follow symlinks for command-line args.
This is because the default value of 'grep-find-template' now includes
the 'find' option '-H'. Commands that use that variable, including
indirectly via a call to 'xref-matches-in-directory', might be
affected. In particular, there should be no need anymore to ensure
any directory names on the 'find' command lines end in a slash.
This change is for better compatibility with old versions of non-GNU
'find', such as the one used on macOS.
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