Commit 008b263f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

* lisp/gnus/gnus.el: Mark autoloaded macros as such.

This avoids a build failure.
parent daf32f1f
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......@@ -2745,12 +2745,12 @@ gnus-registry.el will populate this if it's loaded.")
(let ((interactive (nth 1 (memq ':interactive package))))
(lambda (function)
(let (keymap)
(let (type)
(when (consp function)
(setq keymap (car (memq 'keymap function)))
(setq type (cadr function))
(setq function (car function)))
(unless (fboundp function)
(autoload function (car package) nil interactive keymap))))
(autoload function (car package) nil interactive type))))
(if (eq (nth 1 package) ':interactive)
(nthcdr 3 package)
(cdr package)))))
......@@ -2863,8 +2863,8 @@ gnus-registry.el will populate this if it's loaded.")
gnus-list-of-unread-articles gnus-list-of-read-articles
gnus-offer-save-summaries gnus-make-thread-indent-array
gnus-summary-exit gnus-update-read-articles gnus-summary-last-subject
gnus-summary-skip-intangible gnus-summary-article-number
gnus-data-header gnus-data-find)
(gnus-summary-skip-intangible macro) (gnus-summary-article-number macro)
(gnus-data-header macro) (gnus-data-find macro))
("gnus-group" gnus-group-insert-group-line gnus-group-quit
gnus-group-list-groups gnus-group-first-unread-group
gnus-group-set-mode-line gnus-group-set-info gnus-group-save-newsrc
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