Commit 00aa4172 authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(set-fringe-indicators-1, fringe-indicators): Delete.

parent 622a8785
......@@ -260,43 +260,6 @@ SIDE must be the symbol `left' or `right'."
(float (frame-char-width))))
;; Fake defvar. Real definition using defcustom is below. The fake
;; defvar is necessary because `fringe-indicators' and
;; `set-fringe-indicators-1' mutually use each other.
(defvar fringe-indicators)
(defun set-fringe-indicators-1 (ignore value)
"Set fringe indicators according to VALUE.
This is usually invoked when setting `fringe-indicators' via customize."
(setq fringe-indicators value)
(setq default-indicate-empty-lines nil)
(setq default-indicate-buffer-boundaries
((memq value '(left right t))
((eq value 'box)
'((top . left) (bottom . right)))
((eq value 'mixed)
'((top . left) (t . right)))
((eq value 'empty)
(setq default-indicate-empty-lines t)
(t nil))))
(defcustom fringe-indicators nil
"Visually indicate buffer boundaries and scrolling.
Setting this variable, changes `default-indicate-buffer-boundaries'."
:type '(choice (const :tag "No indicators" nil)
(const :tag "On left" left)
(const :tag "On right" right)
(const :tag "Opposite, no arrows" box)
(const :tag "Opposite, arrows right" mixed)
(const :tag "Empty lines" empty))
:group 'fringe
:require 'fringe
:set 'set-fringe-indicators-1)
(provide 'fringe)
;;; arch-tag: 6611ef60-0869-47ed-8b93-587ee7d3ff5d
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