Commit 00b3c1cd authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Refresh Screen): Add force-window-update.

(Invisible Text): Explain about moving point out of invis text.
(Overlay Properties): Add overlay-properties.
(Managing Overlays): Add overlayp.
(GIF Images): Invalid image number displays a hollow box.
parent 39be25da
2003-12-29 Richard M. Stallman <>
* textmodes/flyspell.el (mail-mode-flyspell-verify):
Search for header separator alone on a line, literally,
and search for it backward, not forward.
(flyspell-abbrev-table): Always use global-abbrev-table
if there is no local one.
* progmodes/sh-script.el (sh-get-indent-info):
Don't move point back if at bob.
* progmodes/antlr-mode.el (save-buffer-state-x): Use with-no-warnings.
* play/handwrite.el (handwrite): Make the handwrite credit message
a comment rather than an output command.
* obsolete/sc.el: Display message that this file is obsolete.
* net/ange-ftp.el (ange-ftp-start-process): Copy the environment.
* mail/rfc822.el (rfc822-address-start): Declare variable.
Renamed from address-start. All uses changed.
* term.el (term-exec): Set up sentinel.
(term-sentinel): New function.
(term-handle-exit): New function.
* subr.el (assoc-ignore-case, assoc-ignore-representation):
Use assoc-string, and mark them obsolete.
(delay-mode-hooks): Mark as permanent local.
* simple.el (sendmail-user-agent-compose): Use assoc-string.
* register.el (copy-rectangle-to-register): Doc fix.
* info.el (Info-insert-dir): Use assoc-string.
* info-look.el (info-lookup): Use assoc-string.
* frame.el (pop-up-frame-function): Use quote, not `function'.
......@@ -53,6 +53,17 @@ Even more powerful is @code{redraw-display}:
This function clears and redisplays all visible frames.
@end deffn
This function forces certain windows to be redisplayed
but does not clear them.
@defun force-window-update object
This function forces redisplay of some or all windows. If
@var{object} is a window, it forces redisplay of that window. If
@var{object} is a buffer or buffer name, it forces redisplay of all
windows displaying that buffer. If @var{object} is @code{nil}, it
forces redisplay of all windows.
@end defun
Processing user input takes absolute priority over redisplay. If you
call these functions when input is available, they do nothing
immediately, but a full redisplay does happen eventually---after all the
......@@ -517,6 +528,7 @@ warnings buffer. Each element of the list should be a list of
symbols. If it matches the first few elements in a warning type, then
that warning is not logged.
@end defopt
@node Invisible Text
@section Invisible Text
......@@ -613,12 +625,22 @@ major mode should use the mode's own name as an element of
@end example
@vindex line-move-ignore-invisible
Ordinarily, commands that operate on text or move point do not care
Ordinarily, functions that operate on text or move point do not care
whether the text is invisible. The user-level line motion commands
explicitly ignore invisible newlines if
@code{line-move-ignore-invisible} is non-@code{nil}, but only because
they are explicitly programmed to do so.
However, if a command ends with point inside or immediately after
invisible text, the main editing loop moves point further forward or
further backward (in the same direction that the command already moved
it) until that condition is no longer true. Thus, if the command
moved point back into an invisible range, Emacs moves point back to
the beginning of that range, following the previous visible character.
If the command moved point forward into an invisible range, Emacs
moves point forward past the first visible character that follows the
invisible text.
Incremental search can make invisible overlays visible temporarily
and/or permanently when a match includes invisible text. To enable
this, the overlay should have a non-@code{nil}
......@@ -978,6 +1000,10 @@ is @code{nil}.
@defun overlay-put overlay prop value
This function sets the value of property @var{prop} recorded in
@var{overlay} to @var{value}. It returns @var{value}.
@end defun
@defun overlay-properties overlay
This returns a copy of the property list of @var{overlay}.
@end defun
See also the function @code{get-char-property} which checks both
......@@ -1155,6 +1181,10 @@ property) rather than replacing it.
This section describes the functions to create, delete and move
overlays, and to examine their contents.
@defun overlayp object
This function returns @code{t} if @var{object} is an overlay.
@end defun
@defun make-overlay start end &optional buffer front-advance rear-advance
This function creates and returns an overlay that belongs to
@var{buffer} and ranges from @var{start} to @var{end}. Both @var{start}
......@@ -3114,8 +3144,8 @@ them, Emacs can display them.
@item :index @var{index}
You can use @code{:index} to specify one image from a GIF file that
contains more than one image. This property specifies use of image
number @var{index} from the file. An error is signaled if the GIF file
doesn't contain an image with index @var{index}.
number @var{index} from the file. If the GIF file doesn't contain an
image with index @var{index}, the image displays as a hollow box.
@end table
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