Commit 00c4d982 authored by Protesilaos Stavrou's avatar Protesilaos Stavrou Committed by Stefan Kangas

Update Modus themes' NEWS entry

* etc/NEWS: Reword entry about new 'modus-operandi' and
'modus-vivendi' themes.  Include reference to their manual.
parent 9513aa8f
......@@ -1420,9 +1420,11 @@ mode, as are other data files produced by Emacs.
It's a library to create, query, navigate and display hierarchy structures.
** New themes 'modus-vivendi' and 'modus-operandi'.
These themes are designed for colour-contrast accessibility. You can
load the new themes using 'M-x customize-themes' or 'load-theme' from
your init file.
These themes are designed to conform with the highest standard for
color-contrast accessibility (WCAG AAA). You can load either of them
using 'M-x customize-themes' or 'load-theme' from your init file.
Consult the Modus Themes Info manual for more information on the user
options they provide.
* Incompatible Editing Changes in Emacs 28.1
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