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Add a section about incorrect Bengali rendering.

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......@@ -740,6 +740,36 @@ The solution is to install the appropriate fonts on your machine. For
instance if you are editing a text with a lot of math symbols, then
installing a font like 'Symbola' should solve this problem.
** Emacs running on GNU/Linux system with the m17n library Ver.1.7.1 or the
earlier vesion has a problem with rendering Bengali script.
The problem can be fixed by installing the newer version of the m17n
library (if any), or by following this procedure:
1. Locate the file BENG-OTF.flt installed on your system as part of the
m17n library. Usually it is under the directory /usr/share/m17n.
2. Apply the following patch to BENG-OTF.flt
diff --git a/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt b/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt
index 45cc554..0cc5e76 100644
--- a/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt
+++ b/FLT/BENG-OTF.flt
@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@
("(.H)J" (1 :otf=beng=half+))
- (".H" :otf=beng=blwf,half,vatu+)
+ (".+H" :otf=beng=blwf,half,vatu+)
("." =)))
If you can't modify that file directly, copy it to the directory
~/.m17n.d/ (create it if it doesn't exist), and apply the patch.
* Internationalization problems
** M-{ does not work on a Spanish PC keyboard.
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