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Document toolkit differences for menus

(Toolkit Differences): New node with text from Tim
Cross (tiny change) and Glenn Morris.
parent b53a9f73
2011-07-16 Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen <>
* keymaps.texi (Toolkit Differences): New node with text from Tim
Cross (tiny change) and Glenn Morris.
2011-07-15 Andreas Schwab <>
* help.texi (Keys in Documentation): Revert last change.
......@@ -2019,8 +2019,10 @@ an existing menu, you can specify its position in the menu using
various features.
* Menu Separators:: Drawing a horizontal line through a menu.
* Alias Menu Items:: Using command aliases in menu items.
* Toolkit Differences:: Not all toolkits provide the same features.
@end menu
@node Simple Menu Items
@subsubsection Simple Menu Items
......@@ -2309,6 +2311,28 @@ itself). To request this, give the alias symbol a non-@code{nil}
causes menu items for @code{make-read-only} and @code{make-writable} to
show the keyboard bindings for @code{toggle-read-only}.
@node Toolkit Differences
@subsubsection Toolkit Differences
The various toolkits with which you can build Emacs do not all support
the same set of features for menus. Some code works as expected with
one toolkit, but not under another.
For example: menu actions or buttons in a top-level menu-bar. The
following works with the Lucid toolkit or on MS Windows, but not with
GTK or Nextstep, where clicking on the item has no effect.
(defun menu-action-greet ()
(message "Hello Emacs User!"))
(defun top-level-menu ()
(define-key lisp-interaction-mode-map [menu-bar m]
'(menu-item "Action Button" menu-action-greet)))
@end example
@node Mouse Menus
@subsection Menus and the Mouse
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