Commit 0128375a authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Don't have exif bugging out on short strings

* lisp/image/exif.el (exif--direct-ascii-value): New function
(exif--parse-directory): Use it to get the correct values for
in-directory (i.e., shorter than 4 octets) strings.
parent d98afc10
Pipeline #5051 passed with stage
in 71 minutes and 24 seconds
......@@ -72,7 +72,8 @@
(283 y-resolution)
(296 resolution-unit)
(305 software)
(306 date-time))
(306 date-time)
(315 artist))
"Alist of tag values and their names.")
(defconst exif--orientation
......@@ -216,7 +217,10 @@ If the orientation isn't present in the data, return nil."
(+ (1+ value) length)))
;; The value is stored directly
;; in the directory.
(if (eq (car field-format) 'ascii)
value (1- length) le)
(car field-format)
(let ((next (exif--read-number 4 le)))
......@@ -231,6 +235,19 @@ If the orientation isn't present in the data, return nil."
;; We've reached the end of the directories.
(defun exif--direct-ascii-value (value bytes le)
"Make VALUE into a zero-terminated string.
VALUE is an integer representing BYTES characters."
(set-buffer-multibyte nil)
(if le
(dotimes (i bytes)
(insert (logand (lsh value (* i -8)) 255)))
(dotimes (i bytes)
(insert (logand (lsh value (* (- (1- bytes) i) -8)) 255))))
(insert 0)
(defun exif--process-value (value type le)
"Do type-based post-processing of the value."
(cl-case type
......@@ -41,4 +41,15 @@
(should (equal (exif-elem exif 'orientation) 1))
(should (equal (exif-elem exif 'x-resolution) '(180 . 1)))))
(ert-deftest test-exif-parse-short ()
(let ((exif (exif-parse-file (test-image-file "black-short.jpg"))))
(should (equal (exif-elem exif 'make) "thr"))
(should (equal (exif-elem exif 'model) "four"))
(should (equal (exif-elem exif 'software) "em"))
(should (equal (exif-elem exif 'artist) "z"))))
(ert-deftest test-exit-direct-ascii-value ()
(equal (exif--direct-ascii-value 28005 2 t) (string ?e ?m 0))
(equal (exif--direct-ascii-value 28005 2 nil) (string ?m ?e 0)))
;;; exif-tests.el ends here
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