Commit 0137bae6 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov

(pop-mark): Move deactivate-mark out of conditional

part to deactivate the active mark regardless of the state of the
mark ring.
parent 987d1819
......@@ -3008,10 +3008,10 @@ Does not set point. Does nothing if mark ring is empty."
(when mark-ring
(setq mark-ring (nconc mark-ring (list (copy-marker (mark-marker)))))
(set-marker (mark-marker) (+ 0 (car mark-ring)) (current-buffer))
(move-marker (car mark-ring) nil)
(if (null (mark t)) (ding))
(setq mark-ring (cdr mark-ring))))
(setq mark-ring (cdr mark-ring)))
(defalias 'exchange-dot-and-mark 'exchange-point-and-mark)
(defun exchange-point-and-mark (&optional arg)
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